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For anyone who is a citizen of the migraine nation, this is our burden to carry… I can recall taking a belt and wrapping it around my head with the belt buckle over the left eyelid trying to squeeze the pain out faster.
— Michael, migraine sufferer

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©2007, Shana Pass, published in Migraine Expressions, B. Blondin, ed.


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Migraine is a frustrating illness for the 36 million Americans who suffer from its debilitating effects. Migraine is difficult to treat because it is a moving target: symptoms are hard to evaluate and can change from one attack to the next. Since symptoms vary widely, migraine is often misdiagnosed and is never diagnosed in about half of all sufferers. Diagnosing migraine involves analyzing the symptoms, conducting medical tests, and eliminating other possible causes of the headache. Some people suffer from several different types of migraine, making diagnosis and effective treatment that much more difficult.

The Migraine Research Foundation provides hope to sufferers by raising funds for innovative scientific research to further the understanding of the causes and mechanisms of migraine, to develop improved treatments for sufferers, and to find the cure.

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